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Leading Through Stories

Kristy Wolfe

Everyone has a story to telland what we do with that story can create lasting impact. Every episode, Leading Through Stories, helps unravel the how and why of digital storytelling with host Kristy Wolfe.

On this podcast, Kristy and her guests help navigate some of the complexities of the online storytelling world, from facilitation to self-care as a storyteller to learning how to find your own story.

Digital stories don't need large budgets, film crews and sound stagesthey need meaningful moments crafted together to help share your passion and reach your audience.

The seed of Leading Through Stories began as a live stream during the pandemic between three friends, Mary, Helen and Kristy, before evolving into the resource available to you today. Through the format has changed, you'll likely meet Mary and Helen as guest hosts from time to time.

The podcast explores the power of digital storytelling in partnership with Common Language DST, a leader in digital storytelling facilitation training for health and wellness changemakers.

While Common Language DST is rooted in health and wellness, the lessons from these conversations are cross-industry and get at the heart of the story people want to tell, no matter what the field.

Life is made up of meaningful momentswhich ones do you want to share

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