Leading Through Stories with Mary, Kristy & Helen

Digital Storytelling with Kristy Wolfe

February 15, 2023 Kristy Wolfe Season 2 Episode 6
Leading Through Stories with Mary, Kristy & Helen
Digital Storytelling with Kristy Wolfe
Show Notes

Season 2 Episode 6 of Leading Through Stories is all about the process of creating and sharing digital stories. One of our favourite parts of this episode was discussing the story Helen created in a digital storytelling workshop with Kristy. Watch Hold My Hand here


  • 1:00 Introducing Kristy Wolfe
  • 3:00 Helen on the process of creating a digital story 
  • 4:30 Common Language DST process & Mike Lang 
  • 7:00 Want to know more? Sign up for an info session 
  • 9:30 The story behind the title
  • 14:00 Carwash for the soul
  • 17:00 Working with storytellers
  • 22:00 Everyone has a story. What story will you tell?
  • 26:00 Heart week digital story screening (Feb 15th)
  • 28:00 How Kristy uses her digital stories
  • 29:00 Finding your own story, purpose vs product


Kristy Wolfe is a Level 2 Common Language trained digital storytelling facilitator, working with individuals and social purpose organizations to create stories with impact. After receiving her teaching degree from the University of Calgary, Kristy spent a number of years helping young minds discover and understand the world around them. 

Kristy’s passion for photography and digital storytelling initiatives comes from her experience as a medical mom. She still celebrates World Heart Day every year since her older son, Kane, came home from the hospital. Kristy has a knack for keeping tiny humans alive and spends her evenings sharing hugs ‘n bugs with her littles – a way to connect with one another and share the events of the day.

A few last notes…Kristy’s smile lights up the room; she’s an aspiring leisure athlete and her husband lovingly describes her as relentless.


Sign up for a virtual info session or digital story screening  via her linktree bio 

You can also join her monthly newsletter here 

But probably the best place to watch is Instagram @kristy.wolfe 

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